Media and Communications

Richardson Media and Communications is a member of The Pedarson Group of which Dave is a Director along with his brother Peter.

Richardson Media and Communications is a production company that works extensively across film television and audio production. We now live in a high definition on demand environment, where the pace of change is breath-taking. It is crucial that organisations make sure these changes are not only kept up with, but the opportunities they present are embraced - so they become tools to be used.

Just think of how you watch TV now – catch up – has not only caught up - but overtaken!

More companies than ever before realise and understand that to brand build, market and sell - film now forms or should form an integral part of any marketing mix. The creation of film for online, social media, promotional, and corporate purposes is now not a luxurious add on, but an absolute must to maximise reach and ultimately drive results.

We consider ourselves adept story tellers. Everyone has a story to tell, and how it is told is just as important as telling it.

Our talented team that includes an award winning Editor will devise and create in partnership with you, a production to realise your objective. We have helped countless firms to harness the power of film.

...we’d love to be allowed to help you tell your story.